The GA has a small professional staff team.

To contact staff members, please either telephone 020 7240 2384 or click the contact link for the person below to send an email to them.

Our email address for general enquiries is

List of Staff & HQ Volunteers

Name Job Title Contact  Me
Elizabeth Slade Chief Officer Contact Liz
David Joseph Finance Manager Contact David
John Crosskey Finance Officer Contact John
Melda Grantham Welsh Department Secretary Contact Melda
Rory Castle Jones Communications Officer Contact Rory
Gavin Howell Youth Officer Contact Gavin
Audrey Longhurst Administrator - External Contact Audrey
Andrew Mason Operations Manager Contact Andrew
Simon Bland Ministry & Congregational Support Officer Contact Simon
Rosemary Ruston Volunteer Contact Rosemary

Staff Functions

Function / Role Staff member
Associate Membership Rosemary Ruston
Annual Meetings Andrew Mason
Annual Report Andrew Mason
Archives / Records Elizabeth Slade
Books & RE Materials Audrey Longhurst
British & Foreign Unitarian Association Elizabeth Slade
Children & Young People Gavin Howell
Communications Rory Castle Jones
Directory Andrew Mason
Essex Hall Trust Andrew Mason
Executive Committee Elizabeth Slade
Expenses Claims John Crosskey
Finance Finance Office
Gift Aid John Crosskey
Governance Elizabeth Slade
Historical & Genealogical queries Please click.
Information Packs Audrey Longhurst
IT Rory Castle Jones
Invoices John Crosskey
Leaflets Audrey Longhurst
Ministry Matters Simon Bland
Ministerial Vacancies Simon Bland
Press & Media Rory Castle Jones
Premises Andrew Mason
Purchasing / Procurement Andrew Mason
Reception Audrey Longhurst
Room Bookings at Essex Hall Andrew Mason
Safeguarding Gavin Howell
Travelling Display & Banners Audrey Longhurst
Uni-News Rory Castle Jones
Website Rory Castle Jones
Youth Programme Please click