Ministerial Vacancies

Latest Ministerial Vacancies List

Ministers, Lay Pastors and Lay Leaders on the GA rolls seeking to apply for any of the above vacant pulpits should write to or email Simon Bland at Unitarian Headquarters and not the church(es) concerned. If you are not on the GA Roll do not apply as names will not be forwarded.   



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York Unitarians

Half-time minister 

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Bradford Unitarians

Half-time minister


Horsham Unitarians

Half-time minister

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Hinckley Unitarians

Full-time minister

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Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland

Ministers seeking information concerning vacancies within the Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church of Ireland are invited to consult Simon Bland for current details.

First Church, Belfast, is currently advertising a vacancy. Please click here for details.

First Dunmurry Non-Subscribing (NS) Presbyterian Church is currently advertising a vacancy, Please click here for details.


Short Term Ministries by Overseas Ministers

Congregations interested in inviting an overseas Unitarian Minister (possibly from the USA or Canada) for a short term appointment should contact Simon Bland.