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Responding to current Black Lives Matter protests


Responding to current Black Lives Matter protests

"Unitarians recognise the worth and dignity of all people, and one of our objectives as a movement is "the service of humanity". We support human equality and oppose racism. We stand for the values of tolerance and inclusivity.

Many of us have been deeply shocked and saddened by the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis and stand in solidarity with those seeking justice. Additionally, we recognise the many... Read More

Welcoming the General Assembly’s Presidential Team



Pictured: Rev Celia Cartwright, Rev Sue Wolley, and Anne Mills


... Read More

EC Statement


EC Photo         Together, we find strength inside

In these uncertain times of pandemic, the Executive Committee of the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches sends its sympathy and support to all who are struggling, have Covid-19 symptoms or are worried about loved ones. We thank ministers and all community leaders who are supporting people practically and... Read More

Being Together


Being Together: A Three Day Virtual Gathering for Spiritual Connection

7-9 April 2020

You are invited to take part in a three-day online gathering for spiritual nourishment as we live through a global pandemic. The UK Unitarian movement is offering a space of togetherness, hope, inspiration and support during these strange and difficult times. With online talks, workshops, ritual, and sharing circles, let us come together in heart and mind at a time... Read More

President's Christmas Message 2019


What a year we have had, and just as we hoped to swing gently into the lights of Christmas, the Winter Solstice and all those other wonderful celebrations of light that religions around the world embrace, we get winds and gales and floods and perhaps the bitterest of elections. I was fascinated about the comments when this was announced, which included things about ‘ruining Christmas’ which reminded me that for so many of us the story of the Nativity has become saccharine, one of simple... Read More

Apply for Ministry Training


Applications for Ministry Training are now open!

For guidance, and an application form, please download:

Application Form and Guidance (PDF)

Application Form and Guidance (Word Doc)

To discuss your application, please contact Simon Bland (Ministry and... Read More

Knife Crime


At its Annual Meetings last month, the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches passed the following resolution:

This General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches:

1) Expresses its concern at the increasing incidence of devastating knife crime in Britain’s towns and cities.

2) Expresses its strong support for an adequately funded multi-agency campaign to tackle this significantly raised threat to public safety, along the lines of that which... Read More

Support GA Weekend (29-30 June 2019)


Please support the GA Weekend Appeal!

With your financial support, the General Assembly will: progress the agreed “Next Steps” priorities, develop ministry and local leadership education and training, raise our profile nationally, organise the Annual Meetings, promote religious education and develop the national youth programme, provide resources and advice for congregations, support The Inquirer, support the 2020 Derby Unity growth project, assist congregations in improving... Read More

Sri Lanka and Derry


On behalf of the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches I ask that all of us find time to hold all those injured in the attacks in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday in our hearts. 

As the terrible news filtered through, it became clear that not only had there been eight bomb blasts but that the targets specifically chosen for attack had been worshippers and holiday-makers, and over 200 have died as a result.

As I write it is unclear who was responsible for the... Read More

EC Election Results



Result of ballot:

MARION BAKER (Upper Chapel Sheffield)   933   ELECTED

REV JIM CORRIGALL (Golders Green Unitarians)   808   ELECTED

HILDA DUMPLETON (South East Wales District Unitarians)   876   ELECTED

ROBERT INCE (Fulwood Old Chapel Sheffield)   737   ELECTED

SUSAN... Read More