Image Library

We are working on a new Image Library which will be available for Unitarians involved in publicity and promotional publications. This includes congregational publicity officers and newsletter editors. Images will also be made available to the media for articles about Unitarianism.

To apply for library access please contact the IT Officer. The old Image Library is online now.

Can you help us find great new Unitarian photos and images?

We are always looking for high quality Unitarian images to add to the library! 

Please contact the IT Officer for guidelines on producing good quality and useful photos.

The aim is to produce a resource as well as an historic archive so older images are most welcome. Images should be over 700KB in size (2000 pixels or more on their long side), well focussed and only lightly compressed. Along with the image, please submit the photographer's name, location, date and the event. Also submit the names of any recognisable people in the image and ensure they know the picture may be used for Unitarian publicity. If you have a large number of images, it may be easier to send a CD to Unitarian Headquarters.