Get Involved

Unitarianism is all about sharing and celebrating experiences, perspectives, differences and ideas. We think there's no better way to explore and expand our personal ideas of faith. If you feel the same, or are curious about learning more, then there's lots you can do to get involved.

Become part of a community

Finding a local congregation is a good way to meet people in a welcoming, no-pressure environment. But if there are no congregations local to you, or if you just prefer 'virtual' interaction, then the various national societies represent equally diverse and tolerant communities.

Attend an event

Our annual meeting is typically held in spring and there are always wide range of events happening across the country. That goes for our very popular youth events too, which are a great way for young people to explore their identity and direction in life while relaxing, laughing and having fun together.

Contribute financially

Becoming an Associate Member of the General Assembly gives you a vote in its elections and helps the movement in a wide range of ways. We also accept donations.

Get in touch

We're always keen to hear what interested people think, whether about Unitarianism, the General Assembly or even this website. You're welcome to get in touch by post (Unitarian Headquarters, Essex Hall, 1 Essex Street, London, WC2R 3HY), emailing us at or by calling us on 020 7240 2384.