Document Templates

If you are developing printed materials for your congregation, feel free to use these MS Word templates.

They are designed to help get you started and are not definitive templates. Different printers will handle these documents in different ways. You should print out test pages on your target printer during production, to ensure what you are creating will produce the desired result.

If you have more advanced needs, or for advice on producing more complex documents, please refer to the Consistent Identity Guidelines. You may also consider using more advanced software, such as Adobe Indesign for more professional-looking documents.

Alternatively, there are other, non-professional, desktop publishing packages available which will allow more advanced layout and colour management options, for example, Microsoft Publisher.

To download Word (.doc) Document Template downloads, click the links below:

Compliment slip


A3 Poster

A4 Landscape Four-page Leaflet

A5 Portrait Four-page Leaflet