2020 Congregational Development

2020 Vision

A bold plan: supporting new and rekindled congregations

There are many reasons to love Unitarianism. So many of us have dedicated our time and talents to this movement because of that love. There are many more people in this country who would love this faith if it were more visible and vibrant. The 2020 Congregational Development Plan (2020) seeks to make that a reality through the creation of new and substantially renewed (rekindled) congregations:

The 2020 Congregational Development Plan (2020)

  •     The goal of 2020 is to support the development of new and rekindled congregations without diverting General Assembly resources from existing congregations and other ongoing efforts.
  •     2020 will raise funds from individual donors and other entities and use these resources to fund locally-initiated efforts to create new congregations or rekindled existing ones.

In 2010, the Unitarian General Assembly agreed upon a set of five-year goals. First amongst those was to increase membership by 20%.

Congregational growth experts tell us that the most significant growth comes from the creation of new and substantially renewed congregations. Thus, whilst our first priority must be to serve and support existing congregations, we must also focus on new and rekindled congregations.

For more information, please see the 2020 website.