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Remember world's poorest in climate change decisions


Unitarians urge world leaders at the Copenhagen climate conference to put the needs of the world's poorest first in their crucial decisions.

Derek McAuley, Chief Officer of the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches, said:

"Unitarians and Free Christians have consistently argued that the principle of environmental sustainability should be the basis for economic and social policy and that the present patterns of trade and consumption are detrimental to the interests of the world's poorest countries. World leaders at the Copenhagen inter-governmental summit must take a lead in helping emerging countries cut carbon emissions as well as introducing measures to reduce their own emissions.

We have urged our own members and friends to do a personal and collective carbon footprint and then work out ways to reduce it. This means changes to our own, often comfortable, lifestyles.

The object of the General Assembly is 'to promote a free and inquiring religion through . respect for all creation' and the celebration of the earth's wholeness is a regular focus of Unitarian worship."

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