UNI-NEWS 178th Issue 27th January 2017

Announcement by the Electoral Panel on the Election of Members of the Executive Committee

The following statement has been received from Anne Hock, Independent Election Supervisor.


I confirm I have received nominations for the following candidates:


  Title Name Surname Congregation Signed by Position
1 Sir Philip Colfox Bridport Chapel in the Garden Angelica Kennard Secretary
2 Rev Lynne Readett Chowbent Chapel (Atherton) Susan Loudon Secretary, Chapel Committee
3 Rev Matthew Smith Bury St Edmunds
Richard Hegerty
Mrs J A Croucher
Chair, Congregation Committee
Acting Secretary, Congregation Committee


GA Constitution paragraph 7.e. states:

If the number of candidates remaining validly nominated for an election is less than the number of members to be elected to the Executive Committee, then -

i. the candidates validly nominated shall be declared elected unopposed, and
ii. the Executive Committee shall fill any vacancy by appointment within six months from the date the declaration of valid nominations were received. Any such appointed person shall serve until the next Executive Committee election.

All nominations have been accepted.  In accordance with the Constitution, the number of candidates (3) does not exceed the number of vacancies (6) and an election is therefore not required.  All candidates are declared elected unopposed.

Certified by:
Anne Hock
Independent Election Supervisor
26th January 2015